/ˈwɒrənt / (say 'woruhnt)

1. authorisation, sanction, or justification.
2. that which serves to give reliable or formal assurance of something; a guarantee.
3. something having the force of a guarantee or positive assurance of a thing.
4. a writing or document certifying or authorising something, as a certificate, receipt, licence, or commission.
5. Law an instrument, issued by a magistrate, authorising an officer to make an arrest, seize property, make a search, or carry a judgement into execution.
6. (in the army and navy) the certificate of authority or appointment issued to an officer below the rank of commissioned officer.
7. a warehouse receipt.
8. a written authorisation for the payment or receipt of money: a treasury warrant; a dividend warrant.
9. Stock Exchange a long-dated option that is itself tradeable, issued in the form of a security by a third party that is not the stock exchange.
verb (t)
10. to give authority to; authorise.
11. to afford warrant or sanction for, or justify: the circumstances warrant such measures.
12. to give one's word for; vouch for (often used with a clause in mere emphatic assertion): I'll warrant he did!
13. to give a formal assurance, or a guarantee or promise, to or for; guarantee: to warrant payment; to warrant safe delivery.
14. to guarantee the quantity, quality, and other representations made to a purchaser of goods.
15. to guarantee or secure title to (the purchaser of goods); assure indemnification against loss to.
16. Law to guarantee title of an estate or other granted property to (a grantee).
{Middle English warant, from Old French, variant of guarant defender, of Germanic origin; compare Middle High German warend warranty}
warrantable, adjective
warrantably, adverb
warrantless, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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